Fueling your adventure

My lovely (very old) Subaru Tribeca ended up in the shop this week with major repairs. It's coming to it's last leg...

I have loved this car but the maintenance and repair of this car are more expensive then the Toyota corolla we had before. And yet I always end up being willing to pay the price to keep it running. I can't say goodbye to my sunroof and leather seats, and the memories that come with it!

This was the car that gave our family space to pack tents and gear in. We weren’t buying just a car, we were buying a sense of adventure. We were going to go places!

I remember driving it off the lot. It made me want to keep it clean and well running forever. I had to learn about caring for leather seats and I had to change what type of fuel I was buying. But I felt like if I could keep my car going it would keep me going on all the adventures I wanted. It would see me through the years ahead. It would take me and my children to friends' houses, to adventures, to learning opportunities.

The possibilities felt endless. 

A new year (or even a new day!) brings that feeling of possibilities too. As we look forward to what is ahead, how are you getting there? 

The ONLY vehicle you really have is your body and mind.

Is this “vehicle” in the shape it needs to get you through all the grand adventures and accomplishments that lie ahead? I hope so!

If you are like most of us your health could use a little work. Maybe a lot. As you fuel your body with nourishing food you are doing so much more than getting healthy. You are getting ready to go places and do things. You are preparing to live life more fully.

But where exactly do you want to go?

If you want to be healthy you need a purpose for that health. Start craving life and then you start finding the foods that fuel that life are exactly what you want. Next thing you know, you might grab a bowl of strawberries instead of that bowl of ice cream after dinner. Without any sense of deprivation.

The possibilities are endless...

If you don't know what you want out of life, consider life coaching to get more clear. Then learn to make your weight loss plan a source of renewable energy instead of old-fashioned fad diets that leave you worse off.

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