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I ran out of energy to keep fighting my appetite and body, a long time ago.  But I still want to look and feel my best. Don't you? Why must health and pleasure feel like an either-or?


What if I said you can have both?


Not only can you embrace your appetite and be healthy, but it will actually make it easier to figure out what food and other self-care you need to be energized, satisfied and feel your best.


Hard to believe, I know!


Hidden within our appetite is the ability to instinctively balance the pleasure of taste with the pleasure of feeling good. It just needs some training!

My unique process incorporates gastronomy, mindfulness and a dash of nutritional science to help you recognize what foods make you feel your best (hint- it ends up being healthy foods!).


You will learn how to instinctively balance taste and health. Lose all feelings of deprivation and start wanting healthy food like you never have before.


And that is when the real magic begins... when you get back to living life.


This isn’t a race. Its an adventure!

And here are 10 things you will discover along the way:

1. You do have the ability to put food down (even delicious food) when you are full because you don’t like being uncomfortable, and it will taste BETTER when you get a little hungry in a few hours.


2. Food tastes better when you are a little hungry and life is more fun when you are gently full.


3. Many “junk” foods you crave, you don’t actually enjoy that much and will fall out of your life.


4. You can feel the difference between hunger and cravings. You can dig into why you have cravings and change it!


5. You are probably using food to try to feel better when your body is probably in need of something else (sleep, laughter, love, sex, etc). 


6. You can authentically appreciate and enjoy healthier foods more easily, and it won’t feel like a chore, because you enjoy food not ONLY for taste but for how it makes you feel too.


7. Caring for yourself helps you love yourself. Loving and caring for yourself allows you to love others harder and stronger. You will become a force for good.


8. Eating is the most frequent self-care activity we do, so you are going to take advantage of this. Each time you eat, you are reminding yourself you deserve to be nourished and satisfied, and you want to be energized.  

9. Focusing on building routines and systems, instead of making the right choice, means you don't need willpower. It makes the right choice the natural and instinctive choice. 


10, Your “shoulds” will go away and be replaced with I WANT TO. You will make choices because it aligns with your values, and it makes you happy.


This is the most natural and fulfilling way to live. Results with this style of eating only get better and easier over time. Traditional dieting approaches drain your time, energy, money and metabolism. 

But you aren’t traditional, are you?

Are you ready to find inspiration and nourish your potential?

Get my workbook and do the 7 Day Challenge!

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Small steps can change the direction of your life!

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