Eating healthy in ONE rule

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

No one food is responsible for your belly fat. And that "one weird tip..." won't fix your health. But this one rule makes eating better intuitive and more enjoyable..

Are you ready???.... Are you sure???

After this you won't ever have to read another nutrition article...

Well, ok maybe that's not entirely true. But here it goes...

Rule:Eat in a way that you feel full and energized

Really?... Yes!....Try it!

The rule is more of an experiment that goes like this :

  1. before you eat notice how energized you are (a little, a lot or not)

  2. eat one thing (anything) and check again

  3. try eating something else

  4. compare how you feel

  5. notice after you eat vegetables compared to after donuts

  6. after the pleasure of eating is gone, what are you left with

Feeling full and energized is your body's way of saying - yesss, that's the good stuff I need. And you will find that you don't need a perfect diet, you just need a mostly good diet. Using this as my rule improved diet quality from 50% junk and 50% healthy to around 80% healthy (lots of fruits and veggies) and 20% yummy. Eating at least some dessert or treat every day keeps me happy but feeling great.

At first, you will miss that comfy, I want to take a nap feeling after meals. Anything new is a bit uncomfortable. With time, not only will you get used to it, you will find over eating and eating too much junk really uncomfortable and way less appealing.

Can you imagine not wanting to over eat or over indulge? Well, imagine no longer. Start using this rule.

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