3 reasons weight loss is making you fat

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Dieting is making us fat

Have you told yourself, "If I can JUST loose the weight, THEN I'll be able to keep it off." We thought weight loss was the easier part. But 90% people regain it all!


1 Faster loss = more muscle loss. This means you drop your metabolism, setting you up for gradual weight gain for the rest of your life.

2 It cranks up your appetite hormones and depletes self control. You know how 65 degrees feels really warm after a long winter but then cold after a long summer? Gradual changes are a lot more comfortable, and that is also true for your appetite and self-discipline.

3 They don't teach the skills of keeping it off (a few admittedly try). It's like driving. If you learn stick shift you can drive an automatic. But if you learn an automatic you won't get far in a stick shift. Popular dieting mentality won't get you far with keeping a healthy weight. But if you learn the ways to keep off excessive weight, you'll have shed the excess along the way.

The first two problems have been known for a while but we just can't give up the oh-and-ah of quick fixes. People rarely talk about the skills of living a healthier life, which I have long felt is probably the biggest reason for ultimate failure.

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