What Mother Nature says about change

Technology innovates the way we think about how we do things. It is incredible. Yet, even technology has to work within the laws of nature. Nature has so much to teach us about living.

So what lessons can we learn from Mother Nature about change?

1- It's inevitable.

Yep. You won't be the same version of you in 5 years or 10 years. Even tomorrow, you'll be a little different on a cellular and psychological level. Don't use lies like "I'll never change" to discourage yourself. That is factually untrue. Of course you will!!! The question is in what ways will you change.

2- Nature can be nurtured

You can't change nature, but you can work WITH it. Learning to properly care for plants allows them to flourish. Learning physics allows us to fly in a world with gravity. Movement, nutrition, smoking and so many other things switch on-and-off different genes in your DNA. The code never changes, but what that code creates can change. The exact DNA you have now gives you the capacity to become many different versions of you. Nothing is wrong with your DNA. Consider re-directing the energy you spend wishing you could be someone or something else, and instead get curious about the ways you need to be nurtured into the version of you that you wish to become. Then... set out to do that work and be amazed.

3- Death precedes new growth

Mother Nature allows things to die. No, she embraces it. Fire brings destruction... and then new growth. Winter brings death, but only as preparation for Spring to give new life. As we leave winter, celebrate that the new growth and change unfolding before us required a sacrifice. The same is true for you and me. Something must die- a thought, habit, feeling- in order for the next version of you to unfold. It's ok for it to be uncomfortable, painful even. You can do discomfort and pain. Attempting to avoid the discomfort and pain that comes our way doesn't help, and it usually intensifies it. So don't avoid it. Allow it and learn from it. If your'e like me and are afraid to feel discomfort, disappointment, etc. then check out the work of Byron Katie, Jill Bolte Taylor or Brooke Castillo for ways to do navigate this.

If telling you exactly what to eat and how long to exercise for would make you happy and healthy, I would. But it doesn't. We are constantly focused on and bombarded with that type of information. As you embrace these truths you will find your power to become who you want to become. And deep down most of us actually want that more than to robotically do what someone else tells us to do to fix our problems.

"The truth will set you free. But first it will piss you off"- Gloria Steinem

Have a glorious spring!

Love and joy,

Natalie your nutritionist

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