Imagine a life where you...


Get excited to eat healthy food

Don't struggle with cravings

Feel great in your body

Have the energy to get more out of life

As a dietitian and food addict, I got tired of being told that humans evolved to crave food that is bad for us. There had to be more to the story.

Fortunately, there is!

When I finally stopped telling myself that "being thin would make me happy, and the only reason to eat healthily is to be thin", I discovered I wanted to eat well because it felt good!


It didn't make me look exactly the way I thought I "should", but eating right did make me happy. And I was finally comfortable and confident in my body.

Natalie Stephens, Dietitian and Life coach


Discover how to use food to experience more joy. The right food allows you to feel great in your body and to be able to accomplish more with your body.

Go from having food battles to wielding it as a tool to get more out of your life. End food frustration, and get renewed with food.



I'm down 21 pounds with more energy and confidence. This way of living has produced better results than I could ever have imagined, and is absolutely sustainable. The old way that I used to live genuinely feels uncomfortable to me.



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I am a Registered Dietitian and Life coach. I've spent 10 years caring for both the sick and those who want to stay well. After learning the science of good nutrition I embarked on a personal journey to figure out WHY it was so hard to live and HOW to make it sustainable. This made me confront my feelings of failure and self-limiting beliefs. It included overcoming my compulsive and addictive eating tendencies while working with limited time, money and energy. 


I share my insights with you because you don't need another person telling you what to eat. You need help making it happen. 


Are you ready to find inspiration and nourish your potential?

Get my workbook and do the 7 Day Challenge!